Truoba Mini 615 House Plan!

Truoba Mini 615 house plan by Truoba

This is the Truoba Mini 615 house plan. A small but mighty, modern plan that has so much outdoor living space that it makes it feel much larger than it is. The nice thing about house plans by Truoba is that their website displays many other cladding options for the exterior, which helps you to visualize different options. Click on the orange link above and then scroll through the information on this plan – see details, images of the interior and exterior (and check out their other plans!)

I like the covered porches as well as the open porch for those days when it’s cool and the sun just feels good!

You can work with Truoba to make alterations to these plans or you may opt for a customized plan. It’s nice that you can choose!

Truoba has fit a lot into 850 square feet of living space. The spare bedroom could be used as a den/reading room/office – or if you have a lot to store you could have builtins and possibly a sleeper sofa for an unexpected guest. There are so many great options these days! The guest room would also make an amazing office with a door to the porch!

If I were building this plan, I would see if I could fit another bathroom, maybe just a 3/4 bath? They’re the experts, I would ask them for their opinion… I have a few ideas, but am not sure if they are plausible.

One more modification I would ask about is adding a door to the porch from the living room – a modern sliding door (not typical) and forgo the door in one of the other bedrooms. I think that would help pull a great draft on a beautiful day.

It’s always fun to dream – Catch you back here tomorrow!

All images via, used with permission… 

Questions about this plan? Please contact the architect/designer(s).

Images are not for construction or reproduction, they are property of the design firm.


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