The Cherry Hill House Plan (SL1843) by John Tee!

Cherry Hill House Plan by John Tee

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The Laurel Cottage Plan by C. Brandon Ingram!

Laurel Cottage by

This is the Laurel Cottage designed by C. Brandon Ingram. This 992 square foot, two bedroom, two bathroom home has so much class. The design is stunning. Details make it look like a home built long, long ago. To have what looks like a older home in perfect condition with all the modern amenities is a dream come true!

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St. Mary’s Way House Plan by Our Town Plans!

St. Mary’s Way by Our Town Plans

This is the St. Mary’s Way house plan by Our Town Plans. This plan is 3,671 square feet with 4 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms. I love that there are options for two additional bedrooms. One as an additional guest suite, adding 381 square feet, and the other is an optional attic suite, adding 762 square feet!

Another interesting fact about this home is that there are two ways that it can be placed on a lot and both are equally as stunning! See Our Town Plans website to see the other elevations (click the orange link above). Click HERE to see a few real life images of this home (exterior). Wow!

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Check out the Freshwater Rest house plan by Flatfish Island Designs!

This is the Freshwater Rest house plan by Flatfish Island Designs. This plan is 4,025 square feet with 4 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms. This is a stunning plan, perfect for island living. Sharp exterior, isn’t it? Love all the windows (and the front porch)! I also like that you don’t notice that the garage is located on the left side of the house. It’s there, but it just looks like part of the house. Continue reading “Check out the Freshwater Rest house plan by Flatfish Island Designs!”

[house plan]: Bluffton SL-594… A Coastal Living Houseplan…

HP Bluffton sl-594 exterior cl
Bluffton SL-594 – A Coastal Living House Plan

I swear Coastal Living has some wonderful house plans on their website. This featured plan is called the BLUFFTON (SL-594) and it’s an exclusive design for Coastal LIving by Hall and Hull Architects, Inc. A beautiful plan that can be used in different ways, which is so nice these days! Proves that when you have a good plan you can fit a lot of living into a 1,435 square foot space!

Just look at all the wonderful porches! It’s nice to have  French doors in the family room… let the cool air in (well, as soon as we can open windows!)… One thought, it might be a good idea to screen the back porch, that way the French doors could be opened without mosquitoes getting in the house, as well as sit on the porch without being “bugged”, hee.

HP Bluffton SL-594 cl

It’s so nice when a house plan can be versatile, and this one is.  There is a lovely dining room off of the kitchen, and while many people enjoy a formal dining ensemble, some of us just don’t use it. So personally, I would put my desk, a few wing backs (ours aren’t formal, they’re slipcovered in white duck cloth), maybe a neat old table that we could use if we had people over for dinner, but otherwise would put books and a lamp on it. I would maybe even tuck one of those cool (and compact!) wood stoves made by Rais  (love this model!) in the family room for the cooler months. Heat and fire add such ambiance, and they take off the winter chill! Elegant, a bit modern and useful!

This plan is available for purchase through Coastal Living’s website. It’s a winner!

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O N E   Y E A R   A G O…  Featured Artist… Eric Zener!

T W O   Y E A R S   A G O… Live Long, Live Strong, Eat Seafood: The SLIPWAY RESTAURANT (formerly the Dip Net)!

House Plan Thursday… Sweet cottage!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALowcountry Cottage, Southern Living Plan SL-1121 by Moser Design Group

First of all, let me say THANK YOU TO FRED STROUD, for the endless resources he has provided for this post! I wanted {desperately} to show you photos of the interior and I wasn’t coming up with any {whine, whine} he overheard me {as I talk to myself, sigh} and said that you can RENT this house at Palmetto Bluff, so there ARE images for you to see, woohoo! Thanks Fred, you saved the day!

This is one of our favorite plans, the Lowcountry Cottage by Moser Design Group for Southern Living. We have dreamt many a dream about what furniture we would put where, how we would configure it to suit our needs, and of course to find a nice waterfront {this is a dream, so might as well dream big my friends!} lot to plop this house on!

This is another wonderfully open plan… another plan where the master is in the back of the house, making it more private. It’s not a small house as the image implies, it goes back rather far, square footage is a little over 2100 square feet. The images of the house plans are from – this plan is called the LOWCOUNTRY COTTAGE.

HousePlan SL1121 ff SL

You have the option of one or two bedrooms upstairs… I think I would go for the two bedroom (alternate version)… make one storage and one a guest room… We don’t need another large bathroom, I would make it a single sink vanity with maybe a linen closet built in next to it instead of a double sink…

HousePlan SL1121SF SL

Click HERE  (then select the 2 bedroom Wilson Home to see photos) to go to the Palmetto Bluff website where you can rent this cottage… it shows a few interior photos which is nice… Here’s the kitchen, the one thing I love are the windows! No cabinets above… Let that sunshine in! There are a few things I would change for us personally, but the windows are ideal!

SL1121 kitchen PalmettoBluff

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