My 18″ Mega Violet!

A sweet neighbor gave us a Violet when our dog passed away June 18, 2007. I’ve taken good care of this plant. Watering only from the bottom once a week. Pulling off dead blooms and Fred repots it once it gets root-bound, and not in too large of a pot. As a result, it’s gone from a normal 6″ Violet to an 18″ Violet! The diameter is truly 18 inches! My miniature Violet (only called that because they’re put in tiny cute pots that restrict their growth), is now the size of a normal Violet! I don’t even fertilize them, can you imagine? I don’t have space for them to get any larger, ha ha… I think they like the music I play as well, hehe.

Catch you back here tomorrow!


5 thoughts on “My 18″ Mega Violet!

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