(“Samantha Sayers”) Artichoke Chicken: 5 Star Recipe!

Artichoke Chicken!

There is a story to this recipe, which I will explain in a bit. The recipe? Artichoke Chicken. This recipe sounded fabulous to me, since I like artichokes, chicken (and artichoke dip!) So I gave it a whirl and WOW! A quick mix of a few ingredients, spread on top of chicken breasts and popped into the oven. *Poof* MAGIC is served! I kid you not!

The original recipe came from allrecipes.com – click HERE for the link (to print). There are only a few ingredients: chicken breasts, artichoke hearts, parmesan cheese, mayo*. After reading reviews for the recipe, which I always do, several people suggested substituting half the portion of mayo with low fat sour cream. The original recipe is for 4 chicken breasts. I used two chicken breasts and mixed together 1/3 cup parmesan, 1/3 cup (I lightened using half low fat sour cream and half canola mayo in the 1/3 measuring cup), I also used 1/2 (12oz)  jar of marinated artichokes (1/2 of a jar, using only about a tablespoon of the marinade, and cut them in half, trimming any tough outer parts. Mix it all together, place the chicken in the baking dish, coat the chicken with the artichoke mixture, and bake uncovered (375 degrees) for 30+ minutes (depending upon how thick your chicken breasts are). I would pound them down a bit and make them even.  Ours took about 40 minutes.

For a quick side I popped a bag of Trader Joe’s rice in the microwave and cooked up a bag of spinach. Absolute perfection!

T H E   S T O R Y  (and WHY I call it “Sam Sayer’s Artichoke Chicken”) – A classmate from high school has a daughter who went for a day hike (Vesper Peak, WA) on August, 1, 2018 and never came home. She was supposed to be home or be in touch with her boyfriend by 6PM and after not hearing from her, he headed to the mountain, fully expecting to pass her along the way. Her car was there, she was not. Other hikers had seen her on her way to the summit and one saw her start her descent, and that was it. No trace. Her boyfriend and many, many volunteers have been searching ever since. By foot, with drones, Snohomish County Search and Rescue (SAR) and many other agencies have also helped search. Not a clue. There have been K9 units with their expert handlers for that terrain (very tough), and still, no trace.  The conditions on the mountain have turned to Winter, but she is a fighter, and her family desperately wants her home. For more information www.findsamsayers.com – there is also a group on Facebook: Ribbons Across the World For Sam Sayers –  If you would like to participate by tying a yellow ribbons, trying to light Sam’s way home, please click the Facebook link above. Tie a ribbon wherever you can, snap a photo, and post on the FB group (link above) so a pin can be added to your city on the map. Pass it along! Their goal is to get 1,000 ribbons tied across the world! No one knows what happened to Sam, where she disappeared to, but the search is ongoing on every level.

If you make this artichoke chicken recipe please take a minute and say a prayer, or send good wishes, that Samantha Sayers is found soon, that would be amazing. This is one of Sam’s very favorite recipes, and her family cannot wait to make it for her when she returns home! #thereisalwayshope #miracleshappen #loveandlight

We call this recipe “Sam’s Artichoke Chicken”. She didn’t write the recipe, she just enjoys it, and I can see why! Thanks to Sam’s mom, Lisa Sayers for sharing this recipe!

Catch you back here tomorrow!

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