Featured Artist: Kathleen Coy!

The Thinker by Kathleen Coy 9×12″ Oil

Kathleen Coy. What an incredible artist. I first noticed her work when I was scrolling through Instagram. The painting was of a greyhound – graceful and stunning!

Kathleen is so talented. Her work is in no way limited to only animals, she can paint anything, it’s the greyhound that caught my eye. She has a way with animals, no doubt!

Greyhounds have such an elegant way about them, with a fluid arch of the neck, and oh, to see them run (not on a track) is just breathtaking! My sister had a greyhound rescue, he was a beauty, his name was Ajaxx. He was such a peaceful soul. One year we brought our Jack Russell to visit, and they had so much fun running and playing together. Ajaxx could (obviously) easily outrun Charlie, but Charlie tried, and then he just tightened up his circles so that it appeared that he could keep up. Then they would both hop into a kiddie pool and stand and cool off.

Be sure to look through Kathleen’s paintings (WOW) and read her bio – it’s fabulous!

See more of Kathleen’s work via these links:

Website  |  Instagram  |  Blog

Read a bit about Kathleen, from her website:

National award winning artist Kathleen Coy was born in 1967. Growing up on a small farm in Iowa, she developed a real-world appreciation for animals and nature, and was drawing from a very young age. Kathleen practices self-directed study and experimentation in her pursuit of artistic growth; her work blends classical realism techniques with impressionism. She has taken workshops with master artists Karin Jurick, Adam Clauge, Jill Soukup, and Carolyn Anderson.

After living in Iowa for most of her life, Kathleen, her husband, and their two retired racing Greyhounds, Sephiroth and Train, now reside in the great state of Colorado.

artist’s statement

I often paint dogs – in them I see our best qualities. Looking at a dog, we can see our own bravery, our own loyalty, our own uninhibited joy, our own unconditional love. My greyhounds are my muse. Their physical beauty is staggering; their expressiveness, intensity, and focus are constant reminders to be true to myself, the way they are true to their natures. They are an endless source of inspiration and fascination. I never tire of attempting to evoke through my paintings the way I see them.

What is it about my greyhounds that inspires me so? The soft eyes, the arch and turn of the neck, a ballet with every step. A flash of sunlight and shadow, incomprehensible power beneath the stillness, a heart as big as all the world. A sigh in their sleep, Train’s eskimo kisses, Sephiroth’s golden eyes, a feeling that you’re living with the most perfect creatures on earth. Laughter and love, the rush of the wind and the open air. I savor each of these moments every day. My greyhounds make me a better person. Through them, I release my beauty into the world.

Catch you back here tomorrow!

All images via KathleenCoy.com, used with permission…
Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist.

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