This View Never Gets Old…

Charleston, SC

I pass by this spot depending upon the route I take when I go walking. I love to catch a photo when the tide is high and the reflections are plentiful. Low tide looks more like mud. It’s amazing the way this one area can change so much throughout the day.

When you see beauty like this you realize how important it is to curb our use of plastic straws and anything else you can eliminate – or at least reuse again and again. Recycling is so important. Do your part to keep our waterways clean, not only for us, but for future generations!

Photos this week – Have a great day and I’ll catch you back here tomorrow!


3 thoughts on “This View Never Gets Old…

  1. Michelle Marra

    I heard that in the last 10 years we added more plastic to our oceans than we have in the 100 years prior. Our use of plastic has skyrocketed. We have to rethink everything we do as it affects our environment long term.


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