Charlie – CCL rupture recovery – 7 weeks!

Charlie 7 weeks post CCL (ACL) tear

Seven weeks ago Charlie had a ruptured CCL (cranial cruciate ligament) which is like an ACL in humans. Long story short, Charlie heard squirrels in HIS yard. The back door was open (screen door closed) and he flew out the door (literally – he did not use any of the steps) and when he landed he came to abrupt halt. We are so careful with him, but the lock wasn’t on the screen door that one time and there you go…

Instead of surgery this time (he ruptured his left leg a few years ago and had surgery, which was hell for all of us to get through). This time our vet recommended (for his size) to confine, rest, no walking off a leash. At first he was in a crate only – which he didn’t mind because he was in so much pain. When Fred brought the crate downstairs he started to wag his tail! We made it nice for him, but it was a long haul. The little guy was in a lot of pain, and for several weeks had trouble eating/drinking because of the pain. Tuna saved his life, because no matter how bad he feels he will eat tuna, and if you add water to the tuna and some rice he’s getting food and water, even though he only wants the tuna.

Chew toys lasted! He didn’t feel good enough to play (destroy) them. So they comforted him. He would sleep next to them. And now…

CHARLIE IS BACK! The pain subsided, his gait is slowly returning to normal. We still carry him down the steps and only walk him on a leash. He hasn’t been in the backyard yet off of a leash (and the squirrels have taken over, so I’m wondering how this is going to work…) Ugh. Have to take it slowly!

Patience and hard work and we got through! Woohoo! You don’t know how nice it is to just open the door and let your dog outside. I’m thankful it wasn’t hot summer with mosquitoes. I can deal with the cold, and it’s really been quite mild for the most part!

#blessings – Catch you back here tomorrow!

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