Featured Artist: Elaine Abel!

French Toast by Elaine Abel  10×10″  Oil

Elaine Abel. So many artists that I run across are from the state of Maine. I think there is something to the beauty of Maine, it feeds creative souls, that’s for sure!

Speaking of feeding… French Toast sounds good right now 😉 These cracked eggs are amazing, the yolks truly look suspended. Very nice! Elaine has many wonderful paintings, be sure to check them out!

See more of Elaine’s work via these links:

Website  |  Facebook  |  Instagram


I recognize the ordinary – cracking an egg, preparing breakfast, arranging things on a table – all become exciting subjects asking to be painted, especially when the light from outside embraces them. They are no longer mundane. Painting them in real tones, more than an impression, is the fun and the challenge.  Admittedly some of my subjects are even a surprise to me – a happy accident – but all with something in common. Tight composition, saturated colors with light…and familiarity.
Working toward expanding the size of work, I am also incorporating birds and whatever creature wanders in to the piece, experimenting with color relationships, always the light, and I am beginning to paint on larger canvases.
Living on the Medomak River is therapeutic – swimming, kayaking, fishing and respite, essential and nurturing to my spirit.  Being in Maine is inspiring, surrounded by so many diverse artists, a family of creators, many of whom have been encouraging to me…​and for that, I am grateful.
Realism – it’s a surprise; the familiar, related.

Catch you back here tomorrow!


7 thoughts on “Featured Artist: Elaine Abel!

  1. Jane S Bruckner

    I am always so impressed with Elaine’s paintings. They look so real – because Elaine is real. A real, genuine, lovely lady that I am proud to call my sister in law. Love you Elaine!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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