Graceful Live Oak | Charleston, SC

Graceful Live Oak | Charleston, SC

This is one spot I always love on our walk – I put a Silvertone filter on it to give it that timeless elegance it so deserves. Aren’t the far reaching branches so dramatic? It’s so interesting how some of the limbs grew straight into the water. I’m sure the birds and wildlife must love it!

This is a beautiful older neighborhood in Charleston, SC (not on the peninsula of Charleston, just over the Ashley River Bridge). There are some MASSIVE oak trees in this neighborhood. Just beautiful. Luckily, their power is underground so they don’t have to worry about their trees being “pruned” into unnatural shapes. I cannot imagine how much is spent pruning trees in Charleston, SC – because it seems that all the trees are placed underneath power lines. In the long run it has GOT to be less expensive to put the wiring underground. Your thoughts?

Posting images for a few days, having bathroom renovated and there’s lots going on, very exciting! – Catch you back here tomorrow!




2 thoughts on “Graceful Live Oak | Charleston, SC

  1. Michelle Marra

    Amazing tree! I love it in B & W.

    Every town should look into putting power lines underground. But in some areas it’s just too cost prohibitive.

    Here on A1A our town had a massive project of changing our water lines so we can use reclaimed water to irrigate our landscapes. There was lots of digging and a mess for a year. But they did not hide the electrical lines underground at the same time. So shortsighted. Especially where wind can be a problem. (And cars and trees)


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