Planting Flowers…

Springtime Planting

Springtime! We had a nice Winter, it wasn’t especially cold or rainy. Even though the weather was favorable, when Spring has sprung everyone is anxious to plant their flowers. We’ve been back to purchase more flowers a few times since I snapped this photo, but included in our repertoire for this season are (from top left going clockwise):

Geraniums: We have geraniums from past season, always so pretty and they do well year after year. If we have a frost we put them in the garage, otherwise they sit out. They sometimes bloom in the winter, but nothing like during the warmer months. We have a variety of pinks right now, each is so beautiful!

Dahlia: That bright pop of pink you see to the right of the geranium is a Dahlia. What a showstopper! This plant is full of blooms and is so happy, as of right now I have three big flowers. So gorgeous! The label says that they make good cut flowers, but I don’t have the heart to cut them…

Coleus (top middle): A friend of mine passed me a coleus plant one year, OHMYGOSH! We planted it and it went crazy. It grows so quickly, and if you cut off a few shoots and root them in water in a light filled (not direct sun) space then you can plant them and have even more coleus. We had this plant early Spring through late Fall.

Petunias (bottom right): I love Petunias. I have great memories of my grandma’s rock garden (a garden bordered by rocks), she would buy flats of petunia’s and we would plant them. Water them during our visits and deadhead the spent blooms. I still love deadheading petunias. There’s something peaceful about it… We haven’t had these planted in years and years, so I am super thrilled!

We know that we can have a geranium on the front porch in the Spring, but as soon as the weather turns warm they look as if they’re suffering (as do we, ha ha). So we move them to the backyard under the palm so they get filtered light and they come back to life (as do we!) Coleus is good in sun, but if you don’t water *EEK* they will let you know just how unhappy they are. Terra cotta pots require frequent watering when the sun is full strength, but it’s all worth it!

What are some of your favorites? Catch you back here tomorrow!




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