The GO Home 1700 by GO Logic!

GO Logic 1700 | Image:

This is the GO Home 1700 by GO Logic. This plan is 1,691 square feet with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. This house plan includes a covered entry porch which is always nice to get out of the weather, as well as a laundry space and an outside storage space. There is also a deck and a screen porch (LOVE!)! You also have the option for a garage, which is always handy!

This is a great plan for those who want to be a part of their surroundings. While this plan can be nice in any setting, I think I would enjoy it most if it was located on the water or in the woods (or somewhere with a little privacy/a view).

GO Logic 1700 | Image:

Let’s take a look at the plan itself. The entry porch brings you to an entry space and then into the kitchen/dining area, which back in the day I have heard people say they would never want to enter. You might see a dirty dish! But, times have changed. Kitchens that are built now are the heart of the home and not just a place to prepare a meal. They are not utilitarian in nature, but one of the nicest rooms in the home (so what better room to enter into!?) Kitchens are a room to gather, to be part of with friends and family – and kitchens are beautiful! Appliances are like jewelry (or they can be) – there are some STUNNING appliances out there… I think this is a fabulous plan and wouldn’t hesitate for a second to build it.

I like the open kitchen, dining, living space, with a dedicated hallway that gives a little separation AND it also gives you a wall to anchor furniture (AND PAINTINGS!)

The master bedroom has a nice bathroom and two closets. There are two additional bedrooms that share a bathroom, as well as a laundry space and mechanical space.

If you aren’t familiar with how GO Logic builds their homes, please read on. It’s amazing. There is a reason they’ve won awards. These plans are not only beautiful but are build to high standards to be passive and not use a lot of energy… It’s fascinating! See more images of this plan via the the house plan link in the first paragraph! Wow!

See other GO Home plans HERE!


Website  |  Facebook  |  Their Story

Catch you back here tomorrow!

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