[re]Featured Artist: Sarkis Antikajian!

Featured Artist
White and Pink Roses by Sarkis Antikajian 24×20″ Oil

Sarkis Antikajian. An impressionistic artist with a loose style. One element about his paintings that I love is his palette. No matter the painting, his choice of color is absolute perfection. I also love the way this dark background makes the roses appear to be that much more vibrant and center stage – almost as if they’re saying LOOK AT ME! I urge you to check out Sarkis’s paintings. They are beyond fabulous. His love of painting is very apparent! Also don’t miss the links below – the videos and ohmygosh… the Poems & Stories! Wow!

Since I have featured Sarkis in the past, I’m using his Artist’s Statement this time with a link to his Bio (this man has a great story, so be sure to read about his journey to becoming a full-time artist!)

See more of Sarkis’s work via these links:

Website  |  Facebook  |  Instagram  |  Poems & Stories  | Videos


In my art, I do not feel restricted to any subject, particular style, or medium. I paint in oils, acrylics, watercolors, inks, or whatever comes my way. I paint any subject that appeals to me. I feel that style is not that important anymore. On the other hand, the artist’s personality, seeping through his/her work, is of paramount importance. To me, being restricted to any particular style is futile, since we need to grow through our lifetime as artists. The way we depict what we see is influenced by all that surrounds us—the people we meet, our day-to-day experiences, and the ever changing environment we are in. I do believe that growth and change is important at any level in a person’s career as an artist, since as artists, our worst enemy is boredom in our work and in our way of life.

Click HERE to read more about Sarkis, his Bio, Exhibitions, and other achievements!

Catch you back here tomorrow!


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