This is sheer brilliance BMW!

BMW Commercial – BRILLIANT    IMAGE CREDIT: BMW YOU TUBE                                                Note: You cannot click on video link above – click on the link in my post below…

I rarely watch commercials. I fast forward through shows that I have recorded. Very rarely does a commercial get past me. There used to be great ones (Budweiser at Christmas time, for example!) – Commercials don’t seem catchy to me any longer. I don’t want someone screaming at me – I want excellence. It’s hard to find…  However, I ran across one that stopped me in my tracks. BRILLIANT.

I watched the entire commercial. Then I went online and watched it again.

And again. And again…

I had to know the name of the song/artist – The music was catchy and the video while it showed more people dancing (YAY) than it did cars – it still came across as brilliant. AND… the tag line at the ends. A+++++++. I won’t spoil it, watch the commercial.

I am not a “car person” – we had a BMW long ago. I would not normally remember the name/make of a car on a commercial because I don’t pay attention unless I’m interested. I Googled BMW 328i Commercial –

And here it is…   You are so welcome, hehe.

It’s an amazing piece of machinery – warning, you may want to get up and dance.

I kid you not.

Ok, I also downloaded the song on iTunes and created a Pandora station.

NEVERMIND by Dennis Lloyd, in case you’re wondering!

Catch you back here tomorrow!


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