Art & Flowers – a beautiful combination!

Art & Flowers – a beautiful combination!

Fred bought me some beautiful flowers a few weeks ago and I had to capture them somehow. 💕 I couldn’t get the light just right, but liked this shot that showed some of our art as well as the flowers.

This is our living room, which is now our dining room. Hehe. Fred and I have moved around literally every room in our house except for the kitchen and bathrooms. Every other room has been something else at one point of its life. This is originally the living room, that we had cleared out while going through a bathroom renovation. A few years ago we bought a Saarinen tulip table by Knoll. We’ve loved it forever, so we were very excited. I like it in the dining room, but I LOVE it in the living room. Since we don’t really use this living room we are reconfiguring.

We just aren’t sure how. Yet. It’ll come to us and we’re in no hurry! #isthisweird haha… We have fun and that’s what matters!

Paintings in image above by Eva Carter (left) and Lynne Drexler (above mantle) – also the trio of carved wooden vases by Joe Fidler (thanks Dad!)

We always have ideas of things we want to do, we can’t always do them when we come up with, which is good, because when we revisit we sometimes no longer like the original plan #itspartofthefun – right now, we’re thinking about changing the tile on the fireplace. The light yellow just isn’t us AND it’s not in the best shape.

Marble subway tile or Walker Zanger Grass Gloss (Green)? We shall see!

Catch you back here tomorrow!




2 thoughts on “Art & Flowers – a beautiful combination!

  1. Michelle Marra

    I think it’s a great idea to move rooms around. We flipped one side of our first floor and so glad we did. Our kitchen is now in the front with a little sitting room. We opened things up and can breath with more light and space.
    I love your colorful paintings.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That had to be so much fun!! The rooms we move don’t require anything but moving furniture, although we have talked/dreamed about moving kitchen. We have a good time moving things around, paintings included! Thank you Michelle!


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