Frozen Strawberries – Do this when you have fresh strawberries!

How to freeze strawberries the right way…

You may already know this, but for those people out there who weren’t aware, this is a helpful tip. It’s a way to freeze strawberries so that they remain individual and not a big clump that you have to defrost all at once. It’s good when you use them in a smoothie each morning, you can just pull out a few.

It’s super easy to do. I wash them well, dry and remove the core/stem.

Next, place piece of wax paper on a cookie sheet, then place the strawberries cut stem side down. Slide the cookie sheet (with strawberries) into the freezer and leave them until they’re frozen solid.

Once frozen, pop them into a plastic zip storage bag and separate them a little bit. Now you’ll be able to pull the bag out each morning, perfect for a smoothie!

Our latest smoothie kick has been 2 frozen bananas, 2-3 strawberries (they’re pretty big) and a handful of frozen pineapple (that I also froze in this way – cut it up into chunks then froze on a cookie sheet and then into a freezer bag) and some unsweetened vanilla almond milk. No sweetener needed!

Catch you back here tomorrow!





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