Save $ and the Planet: The Apple Trade In Program…

The Apple Trade In Program

A while back we cleaned out. A lot. We went through every drawer, closet and cupboard. Anything we didn’t use or didn’t LOVE was donated. The one thing I couldn’t let go of was my old computer. It’s nice to have a spare. Did I ever use it? No… time to let it go. I happened upon Apple’s website and noticed the Apple Trade In program. They make it so easy. I skimmed through and entered the information to receive a quote. A few minutes later I received an email from Phobio Support, to confirm my quote. After I confirmed the quote they sent another email with details, confirmation #, etc. I received tracking info for the box that was headed my way (they make it so easy you don’t even need tape!)

I Googled how to clear your computer when selling or giving away. But certain areas were unclear. So I called Apple (I love their support people!) and she talked me through it. Now it was ready to go…

When it arrived I followed the instructions (if you’re trading in something other than an iMac, the box may look different, the boxes are specific for the device you are returning.) At first we couldn’t make it fit, then noticed where the directions said that if the computer is 2011 or earlier to remove the (pre-cut) area in the foam. We did and *poof* it fit it nice and snug, no play, completely surrounded by thick foam. (I suggest reading the instructions in full) 🙄 We took it to FedEx, received a receipt (just-in-case) and that was it.

After taking the box to FedEx all I had to do was click on the link to “CHECK YOUR TRADE STATUS” – once Apple was able to check the computer over, they issued an Apple gift card, which will certainly come in handy next time we need something! So if you’re considering this process, I highly recommend it. I noted after reading more about the program to write this post that I could have taken it a few miles away to our local Apple store. Sigh… I didn’t catch that. If you take it in you get instant credit (and if it’s not in great condition then they recycle it for free).

Good for you… good for Mother Nature… good for the future! #winwin

Catch you back here tomorrow!


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