Product Review: Techni Vorm Moccamaster Coffee Maker with Thermal Carafe – Whoa!

Techni Vorm Moccamaster

Coffee Snobs UNITE! Woohoo, have we found a coffeemaker that makes a seriously amazing cup of coffee! It’s not your typical coffee maker. The Techni Vorm Moccamaster is hand built in the Netherlands and individually tested. We chose the thermal carafe because we drink coffee for a while and don’t like a burnt taste. So we brew the pot and then turn it off. The coffee stays hot for hours!

This coffeemaker doesn’t have the bells and whistles (that we don’t use) like a clock,  timer to have coffee made when you are still sleeping. This is as simple, but as brilliant, as it gets. Go online and read the reviews for this coffeemaker. If you truly love coffee you won’t believe this!

It’s hard to describe. Using the same coffee that I’ve been using, the coffee brewed in this pot tastes entirely different. It’s got a cleaner taste, less acidic. Deep, dark and wonderfully clear. I use filtered water. It suggest that you always use 7 level scoops. We like strong coffee, but 7 scoops is perfection. They say if you like it less strong you should add water and NOT adjust the scoops of coffee – it will taste far better that way. If you want it stronger they suggest a stronger type coffee to start with.

There aren’t a lot of pieces, so it all comes apart and cleans brilliantly. Something that has always wigged me out a bit with a regular electric coffee pot. I’ll post the video to Instagram 🙂 It’s cool to watch it brew. Quick too, about 6 minutes for 10 cups (note: their cups I believe are 4oz compared to our 6oz, which is no problem).

So if you’re interested, keep an eye on it. We bought ours on sale at Williams Sonoma before Christmas. What a great Christmas gift for us!

Catch you back here tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Product Review: Techni Vorm Moccamaster Coffee Maker with Thermal Carafe – Whoa!

  1. Sheila

    New coffee maker good lookin too….like you say simple too. Also, ran across old blog how to clean your coffee thermos from July 2014…on my way in to set in laundry tub and try🤓😉🤔


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