Charleston, SC Flooding Woes…

Charleston’s Flooding Woes

The entire world is seeing weather that has not been seen before. Devastating floods, fires, ice and snow that are crippling the nation, delaying travel (especially during peak travel times!) – Charleston, SC is in no way immune from dangerous weather forecasts. We have hurricanes, earthquakes (not in quite a while), and flooding. However, our floods are sometimes caused by an extremely high tide – when there is a full moon + extremely high tide = 😬 cars flood and need to be towed (often times it is salt water). We are so fortunate to live in an area of the neighborhood that is slightly elevated. We had a 10,000 year flood that was awful to see, we were OK. Grateful for that! This flooding that you see isn’t after a huge rain. This was a day of rain, not particularly hard rain, it’s just a low area. It’s near a shopping center. This area turns into a lake. I feel for the people who have to drive through it. Pictured is our library (one of many in Charleston County). Water has made its way inside several times.

The City is working on something to fix the situation (old pipes that aren’t large enough and are older than they should be). Fingers crossed that changes are made soon. The road seems to get lower and lower with each flood. We have a lot of marshes in Charleston (there is one off of this road). This is a beautiful area of Charleston, and those of us who live here are so fortunate to be so close to everything.

For now, (wherever you live) keep your storm drains clear and do what you can to help alleviate the problem. I know we aren’t the only area that floods. I see it happening where I grew up. It can be frightening. Always remember…


If you aren’t familiar with the road(s), never drive into what you assume to be a shallow amount of water. It doesn’t take much water to wreak havoc. #besafeoutthere

Catch you back here tomorrow!





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