Backyard Oasis…

Backyard Out of Season, (but still an oasis)!

It’s Winter in Charleston, SC. Some days the A/C is on, some days the heat is on. I look forward to fall/winter all year long, so I’m not as thrilled as others when we have to turn the A/C on, ha ha. Cold weather feels good, refreshing… I love it! (Let me rephrase, by “cold” I’m talking about our “cold” usually in the mid 50’s to 60’s) – I should say “cooler” weather, ha ha.

Not much is blooming right now, so it’s not as pretty as Spring when EVERYTHING is blooming and Summer when everything is green and luscious – but it’s still pretty. This is the walkway (that Fred moved! It used to be on the right side of the tree, the paver guy told us that’s where it should be, but it seemed odd, so Fred moved it!) that leads to the pool. That palm tree is wild, there are many more, so we’re hoping that continue to grow as that one did!

Catch you back here tomorrow!





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