Azaleas Blooming in JANUARY – Sharing the craziness!

Azaleas Blooming in January!

Can you believe it is already FEBRUARY??!! February 2020 sounds so futuristic!

I wanted to share with you what craziness is going on in Charleston, SC (as well as many other areas I’m sure!) I took this photo last week – JANUARY! The azaleas (and many other trees, shrubs and plants) are budding… this has been a crazy mild winter. It’s a bit chillier now than it was  a few weeks ago, but not chilly enough to stop the plants from budding.

Oooh! There is going to be a beautiful burst of color soon! 🤞

Until next time… ✌️

(a friend of mine always posts this at the end of his messages – I think it’s cool… Thank you TB for being an inspiration) 🙌





2 thoughts on “Azaleas Blooming in JANUARY – Sharing the craziness!

  1. Sigvard von Sicard

    I was looking for Azaleas that bloom in late January and early February when I came across your experience in SC. Here in Birmingham, England I had one white azalea come into bloom around the beginning of February. There is now a second pink one coming into bloom. I’ve been to a number of garden centres trying to get some more but have not found any. Just thought I’d let you know/ Thanks for sharing your experience.

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