(Re) Featured Artist: Brennen McElhaney!

Roan High Knob (on the Appalachian Trail) by Brennen McElhaney   8×10″   Acrylic

Brennen McElhaney. I’ve featured him before, he’s even written a guest post with a fabulous recipe – It’s high time I feature Brennen once again, I especially would like to share with you his latest series, “Blue Ridge Views, launching Friday, February 28, 2020.

Blue Ridge Views: This series will be a collection of 18 small canvases (all 8×10″) of some of my favorite views from the mountains of North Carolina including the Blue Ridge Parkway and The Appalachian Trail.

Roan High Knob (above) has great distance – the sky and mountains in the distance are so nice, and I love that big tree. Pretty cool that this is a view from the Appalachian Trail! Mountains are magical. We need to get back to them. We used to go to the mountains for Christmas. The mountains are stunningly beautiful –  we had so much fun. There is a peacefulness in the mountains that’s hard to describe. The air is fresher, it just makes you feel good! Brennen’s paintings relay that feeling.

Harper Creek Falls by Brennen McElhaney   8×10″   Acrylic

One more to take a peek at – the falls and rock is gorgeous – love the brush strokes and the colors! I believe there will be 18 paintings in this group.

Be sure to follow Brennen on Instagram to see more of his work!

See more of Brennen’s work via these links:

Website  |  Instagram  |  Subscribe


My artistic process relies heavily on observation — that is to say that I trust my eyes to “tell” me what to put on the canvas, how to paint it, what is important, and what is not. Perhaps I’m a bit like a story teller who blurs unimportant details and emphasizes the essential themes, all for the sake of composing a more dramatic narrative.

Recurring subject matter in my landscapes are mountains, trees, rivers and lakes, cityscapes and architecture.

My work, in both my subject matter and color palette, is optimistic, reflecting a sense of contentment with my home in Western North Carolina and my appreciation of the breathtaking scenery of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Read more about Brennen via the BIO link above…

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