Clean Desk = A Clear Mind…

Clean Desk – Clear Mind

It’s such a good feeling when a desk that has papers spread from one end to the other has been cleaned off. Everything in its place.

I’m a creative type. I am pretty neat and organized, but when I’m working on something I have papers spread all over the place. I have to say, disorganization gets to me pretty quickly. Once I can re-arrange and get things where they need to be I feel so much better, it’s kind of an AHHHHH moment. Haha.

I like to move my desk (antique pine table) from room to room. Sometimes I’m in the sunroom where I can see everything that’s going on, and other times I’m in the back room where I can be much more productive and focused. There are a few other rooms that I sometimes will move the desk, but not as often.

This inspires me to at least pick a drawer and get it straight. I only have one left that needs to be dealt with. It’s the one that I tend to shove the papers that I need to file at some point into. Today is the day!

How do you deal with clutter?

✍️Until next time…





2 thoughts on “Clean Desk = A Clear Mind…

    1. I know the feeling. I’m in the middle of several different things at the moment and have papers spread from one end to the other. Hopefully when I stop for today it will end up looking more like the image, ha ha.
      Thanks! (Re: Painting) – Tom Balderas is the artist – he’s fabulous! (As are you!!)


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