Happy Mother’s Day to Mothers Everywhere! (And to those who are not…)

M O T H E R ‘ S   D A Y   T H O U G H T S . . .

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all the mother’s out there! Fred and I are so blessed to have our parents in our lives. Many of our friends do not and that’s tough… especially on a day like Mother’s Day, where we celebrate the moms in the world!

🌸Happy Mother’s Day to those of you who are mothers. This is your day… enjoy it, I’m sure you’ve earned it! #kudos

🐾 Happy Mother’s Day to those of you who are not mothers, and aren’t going to be… whether by the ways of the universe 🙋‍♀️ or by your own plans and beliefs – be there for other children that come into your life. Help them be good kids – this world needs good kids and sometimes it takes a village… and if your kids happen to have four legs, give them an extra special hug! 🐶 #strength

🙏Happy Mother’s Day to those of you who have lost your mother. Truly, holidays like this can be miserable. If you are in that place, remember the good times, do something today that makes you really think about your Mom, whether it is cooking a favorite recipe of hers or spending time doing something she loved gardening, singing, sewing, painting…) I bet you will feel closer to her when you do… Remember, she’s never truly gone – she’ll be by your side forever… Hugs to you – this sucks and is not easy, my thoughts and prayers are with you today. #until

⭐️Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms who have adopted children and loved them with their whole heart. What a gift for you as well as your children. #unwaveringlove

🦋 Happy Mother’s Day to those of you who weren’t fortunate enough to have a wonderful childhood or role model. Look for other people in your life that can fill that role. You are never alone… #rememberthat

🌿 Happy Mother’s Day to special friends that are mom-like – your friendship is a special gift!

❤️Happy Mother’s Day to both of our Moms, you’re the best…

Love you to the moon and back!



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