Imperfectly Perfect

An Imperfectly Perfect Live Oak Tree – Charleston, SC

We were out on a walk around the block – taking our dog for “his” (leisurely) walk – so he can sniff and visit. He’s in his glory. There is no forgetting to take him, there will be many not so subtle reminders.

These live oak trees have been around a long time. They are far from perfect yet their grandeur cannot be mistaken (so think about that next time you aren’t feeling too perfect – it’s overrated!) When I look up into these trees, with some of their branches broken in past storms, trimmings, high wind, etc. I see magnificence. The Resurrection Fern grows happily (it’s green so that shows recent rain, after a few days it will turn back to brown and look dried up, like a dead fern) – amazing how it just needs a wee bit of rain to change to a stunning brilliant green.

Oh! The stories these trees could tell. Wouldn’t that be something? Man to the moon… so maybe one day?

✍️ Until next time…

📸 Image: Barbara Stroud (me!); if you are interested, please contact me…


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