World Famous Christmas Cookies

These are actually called Christmas Butter Cookies – my family pulled the recipe out of a magazine back in the way back in the 1960’s and we’ve made them ever since. Five stars! Not only are they so tasty, but they are so much fun to make and especially to decorate. I can remember good times decorating one at a time (like tinsel on a tree, one piece at a time)… #whorememberstinsel?

I can picture the pages of cookie recipes that were torn from a magazine and saved all these years. These Christmas Butter Cookies are a hit, back when we were kids we doubled the recipe (it makes a lot!) – give them a whirl and let me know what you think! (Link is above). We had fun cookie cutters, a snowman who was fun to decorate, a reindeer who was a challenge because his legs would burn, of course SANTA and a Christmas tree. Funny how I can’t remember what I walked into a room for but I can remember the cookie cutters that we had growing up. #priorities haha.

Wishing you wonderful memories this Christmas!

✍️ Until tomorrow…



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