Camellias in Charleston, SC!

Camellia’s in Charleston, SC

Charleston, South Carolina. Always beautiful, always something blooming, even this time of year. Camellias are beautiful flowers and they are abundant here. Some people like to float them in a pretty glass bowl – I snapped this while out on a walk 😉 There was a tulip tree nearby budding, so hoping a frost doesn’t zap it before I can get some beautiful photos!

I still remember a wonderful woman who lived in our neighborhood when we moved here eons ago. She had prolific camellia’s – we would walk daily and stop to say hello, one day she loaded us up, told us to take them home and float them in water. They were incredible! Camellia’s are often floated in a shallow bowl (or if you do it often there are gardenia bowls). Very pretty.

If you have them in your zone, HERE is a good guide to growing them well, from!

✍️ Until next time…

📸 Image: Barbara Stroud (me!)

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