Friday thoughts…

A cool old stool…

I looked at my phone to read my post for today… Surprise! There was no post! 🤦‍♀️ I flipped through my recent images and found this photo of an old stool that I took. Our home has a mix of Mid-Century Modern classics, a few antiques (gorgeous pine and some other pieces). I love our mix of old and new.

Well, I’m happy to say the second COVID vaccine is behind us. I was a little nauseous the day of and day after, but my iced green tea made with sliced fresh ginger helped that a lot. I was extremely tired for a few days so I slept on and off all day and again last night. I feel back to normal now! 💪🙌

With the shots behind us we will continue to mask up. In two weeks we should be safe, however, we can still test positive for COVID and pass it along to someone who hasn’t been vaccinated. I also think it comes down to respect for fellow humans. We are so close to normalcy if we can all keep doing the right thing. 🦠😷🙌💉🙏💪


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