Morning Walk, Low Tide…

Low Tide Nearing a King Tide

The other day I wrote a post and the image was near this area (looking in the opposite direction) – this is at lower tide, where you see mud in some places. The view is ever changing, but always amazing. There are always birds in the marsh. The grass changes color with the seasons.

When I applied a Silvertone filter it really makes it look like an image from days gone by, doesn’t it? This is my desktop image (as I write this, I change it frequently). A lot of the area where we live was farmland at one time. Where our house is was a cabbage field. Our home is one of the first built on our street. We have an image from the original owner. It’s pretty amazing to see!

As I mentioned in the title, this photo was taken at low tide, with an upcoming King tide (exceptionally high tide, usually having to do with a full moon) later that day. King tides are fascinating. I receive an alert from MyCoast which tracks King tides throughout the year.

It’s MONDAY y’all! Take your time to get in gear, then enjoy your week!

✍️ Until next time…

📸 Image: Barbara Stroud (me!)


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