Summer Book List and Paint Color in Study!

My Summer Book List

Beach reads 🏖 this time of year are the go-to book on many of our book lists. I like to hear what y’all are reading! Drop me a message via the CONTACT ME button above, or via a comment on my website (this post), Facebook or Instagram. The one genre I’m not big on is horror. Good grief, I don’t even watch the nightly news 😉 So if you have any great suggestions, let me know!!

Two of these authors I have read before (Mary Kay Andrews and Elin Hilderbrand) – I love, love, love their books – I’m currently reading 28 SUMMERS, if you haven’t read it… I am loving it and not wanting it to end.

Mary Kay Andrews – The first book I read was SUMMER RENTAL, it was hilarious – I was hooked! The latest MKA book is THE NEWCOMERS, I can’t wait to read it!

Elin Hilderbrand – I don’t remember the first book I read of hers… one was BLUE BISTRO – fell in love with her writing. I think it’s the area, Nantucket that I so enjoy reading about. Her latest book is GOLDEN GIRL, another book I cannot wait to read!

Jennifer Weiner – I love her on Facebook and Instagram. I love how she writes in the blips I’ve read, i’ve just not happened upon her books, so I remedied that on my last trip to Costco. THAT SUMMER is her latest book that came out last month, it’s getting great reviews in case you need a book. Jennifer is likable in the best of ways, I cannot wait to read one of her books, I’m sure it will lead me to many more, and there is a certain comfort feeling in that isn’t there?

Mary Alice Monroe -(book not pictured) is another favorite author and she lives in the Charleston area – I love finding an author who has written several books that I haven’t read yet. WHAT A GREAT FEELING! I’m saving Mary’s latest… Something to look forward to for sure! Her latest book is THE SUMMER OF LOST AND FOUND! Check it out!

I usually mention GOODREADS.COM for those of you who haven’t used it before. My mom reads a lot and keeps notes on what she’s read (more impressively if I ask if she’s read a book she can go right to it which is kind of hard to believe!). I want to get her going on for many reasons, but one is to find other authors similar to what you read and liked, to get ideas from others about books, to hear when books first come out by authors you really like, etc. I’m thinking of doing a step by step on how to sign up for for those of you who are not computer savvy (which is fine!) – so let me know (comment or email is good). That could be fun.

If you like similar books to me, feel free to follow me on Goodreads – Click HERE to access my profile. It’s nice to see what others are reading and see their reviews.

I just looked at the photo that I included in this post and noticed we don’t have the bamboo blinds back in the windows – hmmm, we just painted the far room in the image (it went from Knights Armor which is a dark grey, to Super White/Ben. Moore) – Super White is an awesome color. The light that usually comes in that window is bright, bright, bright which makes the white look even better! That room is technically the dining room (we switch our rooms around) it’s currently the study, the room my husband has been using as an office for over a year now. We moved the dining room into a living room that we never use. We love it there. We have a pretty big Saarinen Tulip Table and it needs space! We have many Maine paintings in the study, actually, in the entire house, ha ha.

Not sure how I got off topic, but it happens (more and more, ha ha). Enjoy whatever you’re reading!

✍️ Until next time…


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