Cemetery View – Charleston, SC

Bethany Cemetery | Charleston, SC

Charleston, SC is full of beauty. So many places to photograph. It’s heaven, especially if you love taking photos. The architecture, food, overall city in general, the water, the beaches, the animals and even the cemeteries are fabulous subjects/places to photograph. Charleston, SC is quite old and with the history brings grand trees, spanish moss, elaborate monuments and photos that look like days gone by…

It is stunning to drive through the older cemeteries in Charleston. The views are amazing, but watch out for nature’s speed humps (tree roots) – they can be a doozy – luckily you should be driving slow and the narrow roads twist and wind throughout. Turn this image into black and white and will appear that it’s 1900!

A little about Bethany Cemetery from St. Matthews Lutheran Church website:

Bethany Cemetery is located within the city limits of Charleston. St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church opened Bethany Cemetery in 1856 after its first cemetery was filled, following several yellow fever outbreaks that devastated the immigrant German population of Charleston. Today, Bethany’s beautiful 25 acres are filled with some of the finest Victorian era mortuary art in the low country.

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📸 Image: Barbara Stroud (me!)


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