Pretty Flowers and TMI?

Happy Saturday! What do you have planned today? Our plans lately have been up in the air so we haven’t scheduled anything, but hopefully that’s about to change soon. I’m working on reading my way through the books I’ve collected the past few trips out. I don’t usually get much time in, a little in the morning, a few pages at night and that’s about it. But hey, it makes a book last longer, right? So who cares? Curious… What’s do you think of when you see this image?

STRAWBERRIES??? I know they aren’t strawberries but from a distance they sure do look like them. Nature never ceases to amaze me. These beauties were found at ESD (Elizabeth Stuart Design) in Mount Pleasant, SC. Stunning plants, gorgeous window boxes already planted and ready to go.

Speaking of… the window box that we planted a month or so ago is growing like a weed. The lavender is getting tall and so fragrant, the mint is going nuts, I keep snipping it and putting it in my little glass of water on the counter, I cut off a few leaves, crush them inside my glass, add ice and water and just keep filling the glass up all day long. Actually it’s not a glass it’s a SWELL tumbler, so when you add ice it STAYS COLD. I find myself drinking a lot more water this way!

I just had a crown (🦷 not 👑) “installed” yesterday (cracked tooth) – that was fun 🤦‍♀️- I’m being facetious – my dentist and his staff are great, the procedure… not so much. (Too much information? Haha) One way to slow down your eating… chew on one side. If you want to be dramatic use your non-dominant hand. Haha… that should leave your stomach growling 😉

Enjoy every minute of your weekend (or whenever you have time off!)

✍️ Until next time…

📸 Image: Barbara Stroud (me!)


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