Absolute Perfection!


These flowers were in a bouquet that Fred gave me for my birthday. Each flower was stunning in its own way. As the bouquet got older, I pulled out the spent flowers and gave them fresh cuts and put them in smaller vases/jars. I put all the alomestria together and they were beautiful. I am mesmerized by flowers, it’s hard to stop taking photos of them. I love a…

Dark background when the subject is highlighted. It makes the image stand out no matter what the photo is of. I didn’t have anything dark, but this was taken late in the day, sun was fading, so I turned one of our chairs (black), and I turned the vase of flowers until it was the view I wanted… a side view. I turned on the little lamp for highlight, grabbed my iPhone to snap the photo and BOOM. #instantbeauty

This is the best kind of art ever, the living kind. I love all types of flowers, they are just so striking.

My dad sent me a text the other day (after he had texted me a few photos), “No more pictures….my camera ran out of film“, ha ha… remember those days (many of you may not)? Where you had to choose carefully (unless you had a lot of rolls of film) what you took photos of. I am OOC (out of control) and that’s no lie. I need to dedicate a full day, week, month to going through my bazillion photos and start deleting the ones that aren’t super special. #alwayssomethingtodo

✍️ Until next time…

📸 Image: Barbara Stroud (me!)


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