Bright Window Box on a Gray Day…

Bright Window Box on a Gray Day… #savethebees

We were out and about a few weeks ago and I ran across this beautiful window box (complete with bee in flight). It was so stunning against an exceptionally gray day. No complaints, I do love a gray day, have no problem with them at all! The brilliance of the pink against the gray was gorgeous. Now, to come up with what to plant (Zone 9) in the shade for our own window box.

Well, can you believe 🎃HALLOWEEN is just over one week away? If you’re in the group that doesn’t buy candy until just before the holiday – you might want to start thinking about it now! 🍬 – It’s hard to believe that October is almost behind us! I love October, and will hate to see it go. If you live in an area where the time changes, that’s coming soon as well 😳. Speaking of the upcoming time change (Nov. 7 is when Daylight Saving Time ends, so you still have some time…)

✍️ Until next time…

📸 Image: Barbara Stroud (me!)


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