A Perfect Getaway on a Gray Day…

The Perfect Getaway…

When life gets busy, we retreat to the sunroom. It’s like being out in nature without getting wet (it was raining when I took this photo). The birds chirp, the squirrels run through the shrubs, birds build nests and we watch as their young fly away. We see so much from this small space, yet it’s absolutely all we need! It’s the best “getaway” ever…

Charlie has one bed during the day (a Tempur-Pedic type from LL Bean) and his fluffier “regular” Pendleton bed from LL Bean for at night. ON TOP OF HIS foam mattress. He’ll sit patiently and wait while we go get it (in case we forget). This dog can make eye contact like nothing I’ve ever seen before! You know EXACTLY what he’s thinking. Ha ha..

Do you have a favorite spot in your house that you retreat to? This is one of my favorite spots. I would call our home “carefully curated”. What we have is special and we love it, otherwise we (ideally) don’t purchase it in the first place, pass it along to someone we know who would like it or make a donation to someone who may need it. #winwin It’s not all about “the stuff” – I see what happens when you love your stuff. It’s not an avenue I wish to explore, ha ha. We all have our thing, mine would probably be photos more than things. What about you? Are you a saver or do you streamline? There is so much benefit to doing the latter, it doesn’t get the credit it deserves.

I talk big, but I also don’t have a lot of closet space for storage or a basement (could be the death of me). #itseasierwhenthereisntroom

✍️ Until next time…

📸 Image: Barbara Stroud (me!)


2 thoughts on “A Perfect Getaway on a Gray Day…

  1. Laurie Marsolais

    Your sunroom looks idyllic for reading a good book. I just LOVE LOVE that large window! We don’t have a sunroom but that will be changing in the next year or 2.
    We moved in 8/2021 to Iowa and I haven’t found that special room of in my new house yet.

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    1. Thank you, Laurie. That’s what we did yesterday during the wind and rain. Grabbed a good book. It’s my favorite space. I could sit out there all day! 📚☕️ Here’s hoping you find that special spot in your new home. How exciting! 🙌


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