Life is too short not to be…

Let’s Do IT! #kindnessarmy

On an early walk around the neighborhood… I passed by the shopping center and saw this sign. Thought y’all would appreciate it. #AMEN There is so much anger in this world. We can all do better so… let us step it up and truly be good humans. I ran into a situation this week that really made me question people…

I was at the grocery store. This store usually has very friendly employees. I didn’t recognize this woman. I only had a few things and I got in line. The gentleman in front of me had a disability. I let him take his time gathering his things, while the woman glared at him in disgust. I could tell she wasn’t happy that he didn’t grab his belongings and get out of her way. I made no move towards inching him out of the way, because A) it’s not nice B) it’s no big deal if he takes a few more minutes, there was NO ONE behind me. Once he moved on I was entering my customer number in the system and the woman said “that man has no business shopping by himself!” I’m no expert, but I didn’t see anything that should stop the man from shopping. I almost said something and then I stopped because she was so unkind towards that man… sometimes it’s hard to be silent. So, I didn’t acknowledge her. The sweet kid, who was bagging the groceries, said to her “I don’t think she heard you” (haha, bless his heart) – Oh, I heard her, I just didn’t have anything nice to say. She wasn’t young. She wasn’t perfect. None of us are. Many of us will be disabled one day – and no one regardless of age, disability, race, sex, etc. deserves to be talked down to so angrily. Now that I write this I regret not saying something to defend the man but then again, maybe SHE is going through something. #whoknows #choosekindness #orsilence

Shopping is stressful. Good grief. There was no self checkout line, which is unfortunate. I saw this image in my photos and thought of her… and him. Let’s do better, starting now.

✍️ Until next time…

📸 Image: Barbara Stroud (me!)


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