Selecting a paint color…

Selecting a paint color for a specific room takes some work. These are the same paint samples, in three different rooms, about 1 minute apart. The sun and shade image shows the brightest you will likely see the color. I have to say, when I held it up on the wall it was much darker. So on the floor (images above) vs. on the wall adds another change. Look how much they change. How can you figure out what it will look like in YOUR room? There is an easy way…

You’ve probably heard of – a brilliant idea. Actual paint on samples, where the backing can be removed and adhered to the wall. So you see the same texture, etc. They’re generous size samples. They carry samples for Farrow & Ball, Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams and PPG. You select the paint colors, and they’re (usually) delivered the next day! We haven’t figured which walls to use these samples on yet, so I’m using blue painters tape that doesn’t have too much adhesive. Then once I find the walls I want to try certain colors on, we’ll do just that. Read the FAQ from Samplize to get the details.

ALL colors above look much darker on the wall, as in M U C H ! Which I LOVE!

One is a keeper, the dark (Hague – F&B) blue (that almost looks black when there is no direct light). I LOVE how much it changes! It’s such a classy color. I think we’ve ruled out one of the greens, it was one we threw in at the last minute.

For those who want to keep their paint colors top secret… If I loved a color I saw, say on Instagram, and I ran out and purchased it and painted my room – it will most likely look completely different based on the light (which way is the light coming from? how much light the room gets, etc.) which is why painting samples can be a lifesaver – I never have problems sharing our paint colors. I’ll let you know what we end up with!

✍️ Until next time…


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