Listen to the amazing story of their lives…

Do you remember how it feels to be relevant? Your presence KNOWN. People around you see and hear you. Your voice is heard. People think you’re interesting. Whether it’s you or your travels, your stories, etc. You are heard. I’ve noticed over the past many year that the general population acknowledges the elderly less and less – to the point that some feel as if they’re invisible. Our older generation is amazing and so interesting. They’ve lived full lives and done fabulous things. Ask them questions about their lives. You won’t believe the responses – how truly fascinating they can be. You won’t know unless you ask.

It’s a natural progression that usually tends to happen, but it can (and should) be different. Why is there a tendency to stop interacting with the very people that are the most interesting? It’s all normal, I know, but it’s still unfortunate. I think that as a nation we tend to forget about our elderly. Thankfully, some people are fantastic with older people (🙌). They keep them feeling relevant and important BECAUSE THEY ARE!

Our neighborhood recently lost a dear man, 92 years old. He was always outside walking – he knew everything about everyone. He was wise. He cared AND he remembered everyone’s names – which was so amazing (I remember the dog’s name 🤷‍♀️) He was so interesting to talk to, and every time I turned down that street I kept my eye out for him (and out of habit, still do). Reading the obituary for our neighbor, there were so many subjects that we could have talked about – I knew about where he worked, and the parties he went to when he was younger – but there was so much I didn’t know. He did so many cool things. I never knew he was an artist (among other things). I don’t usually pry into people’s lives, I’m more of an introvert, but because I’ve known this man for so long and have talked to him so often, I just didn’t THINK to ask. I guess I assumed he would tell me…

#think #dontassume

Our elderly neighbors are treasures. So if you have one in your neighborhood (or your family!), reach out – if you talk to them daily ask them questions about their lives. Most don’t want to brag and that’s why they don’t tell you their stories. It’s not bragging at all it’s simply THE STORY OF THEIR AMAZING JOURNEY. If you’re older and reading this – PLEASE, share YOUR story!

If you do have a neighborhood child or relative talk to you, share your life with them. They may be so fascinated to know you didn’t just sit in a recliner all your life, you were out LIVING and doing magical, interesting, brave, spontaneous things. Older people are so cool. #meincluded #haha We can do better for our older generation. We need to be there for them.

🙋‍♀️That’s it for Wise Wednesday (haha) – catch you back here next time…


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