Sautéed Brussels Sprouts with Bacon!

I’ve been trying hard to increase our veggie consumption. I get bored with the same thing day after day, so have tried different things to see what’s a hit. THIS is a hit! Cooks up in no time, and the one slice of bacon adds so much flavor it’s unbelievable! With just a few ingredients you can transform brussels sprouts into a crave-able veggie! #notkidding




  • 1-12oz bag brussels sprouts (or shaved brussels sprouts) – produce section
  • 1 slice bacon
  • S&P
  • Parmesan (optional but makes it soooo good!)
  • Olive Oil if needed


  • Shaved brussels are ready to go
  • Trimmed brussels – trim small end and slice thinly
  • Fresh brussels, wash, dry, trim small end, then slice thinly


Using a large nonstick pan on medium heat (never on high!) add one slice of bacon. Cook until crisp (flipping once). Set bacon slice aside to use later. Leave bacon grease in pan.

Add brussels sprouts and sauté on medium (or a wee bit lower) add pepper. Once they start to caramelize and brown they’re ready. Take a bite of the thickest slice and if it tastes good to you it’s done!

Add to brussels sprouts to a pretty dish (unlike my glass dish in photo 🤦‍♀️), sprinkle with a little parmesan (SO GOOD!) and crumble the slice of bacon – it is now ready for serving!

Now for my notes…

-Remember, the thinner brussels sprouts are sliced, the faster they cook!

-I used one slice of bacon for this small bag of brussels (which was more than plenty for 2 servings), feel free to use more. There was plenty of bacon taste in every bite.

✍️ Hope you enjoy! Until next time…


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