Pops of Color & What to Plant?

We were taking our dog for his daily walk around the block (we try to fit in a few) – and I came upon this pretty iris. The purples so dark, the greens so green, and that little splash of yellow in the bloom – stunning. Thinking about plants for our yard – I really want some color, but… our yard is tricky.

We don’t get a lot of sun in the area of our yard where we can plant – well, we get sun, but not for long enough to make the plant grow at its full potential. But the little sun we do get is very strong – which wilts many plants. We usually start with a geranium or two in the front yard but shortly after we put it out we need to move it to dappled sun. In the shady areas impatiens do well and are so pretty, but get leggy. We had them in a window box and it was gorgeous from inside and then it wasn’t. I read something about keeping them cut back, but doesn’t that just cut off the blooms?

I guess we could put some sort of ferns, but I like color 🙂 Pinks, oranges, something with a pop of color. We need to get a new liner for our wrought iron window box, fill it with plants and call it a day! I went looking the other day and made the decision to come home and figure out how much light everywhere gets. But I haven’t been paying attention, so maybe that’ll be my focus this week.

What are some of your favorite flowers to plant. Easy care would be good. Not buggy gets extra points. Smells good too – JACKPOT! Our ligustrums are budding and ready to go crazy with the most wonderful scent – yipppeeeee!

We’ve planted coleus in pots in the blaring sun near the pool (thank you Shirley for the cuttings!) it was AMAZING all summer long. As soon as the plant would look like it could possibly begin to fade I would start some cuttings, get them planted and by that time I could replace the old with the new and tada! Gorgeous!

We are zone 9 (planting) – if you have any idea of plants you love (tropical, flowering, herbs, whatever!) that are fairly easy, pretty – send me a message or comment on this post or on my social media 🙂

Enjoy your spring – the days are GORGEOUS right now – absolutely LOVE this weather. Wish it could stay forever & ever.

✍️ Until next time…

📸 Image: Barbara Stroud (me!)

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