Broiled Asparagus – So fast and delish!

Broiled Asparagus!

Asparagus. Spring = bountiful asparagus, and this year I think we’ve eaten more than we’ve ever eaten. Roasted was my go-to method. Pretty quick, and so delicious. Then one day I had dinner ALMOST ready, but needed to cook the asparagus quickly. Hmmm, 🤔 wonder if BROILING asparagus is a thing? So I Googled it. It’s a thing, thank goodness. Now, you can have your asparagus on the table in 6 minutes. Yes! 6 minutes!

The method for broiling asparagus is about the same as roasting.

Asparagus – snap off the tough ends. Wash, dry. Olive oil, Salt and Pepper. Place on a sheet pan (I use my clean hands with olive oil and spread the remainder on the sheet pan). Spread out the asparagus giving room to breathe so it doesn’t steam. Turn your broiler on (our stove = High, or Convection Broil High). I place the sheet pan on the second rack from the top. So it’s close, but not almost touching.

I’ve used 3 minutes, flip 3 minutes for thinner stalks (6 minutes total), and 5 minutes/flip, 5 more minutes (10 minutes total) for the thicker stalks. It’s perfect. But…

Do not walk away from a broiler. Stay right there and be ready to whip it out of the oven when you start think it might be done. You don’t want it to burn. Broiling is very quick.

The asparagus is done when you can pierce with a fork on the thicker end (not the tops). I sprinkle a little parmesan once I pull it out of the oven. So delicious! You probably won’t make it any other way after you taste this.

✍️ Until next time…


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