How to get blue/purple hydrangea blooms!

Spring Hydrangeas!

Hydrangeas. We have them planted everywhere, and this time of year they are absolutely stunning! We don’t have the newer types that bloom all summer. Ours have a “season” of gorgeous, stunning blooms. They seem to be especially beautiful at dusk, it’s almost as if they light up!

I remember the year we bought a white hydrangea at Charleston Gardens (no longer open) – it was exquisite. We planted it, watered it, and then looked and it was blueish purple, haha. Apparently our soil is “strongly acidic” (pH lower than 6) which causes them to be the beautiful blue that they are. Some people add aluminum sulfate to their soil to get the blue blooms.

We received a hydrangea as a gift one year (first one) and followed directions on the label (FULL SUN) and it definitely wasn’t a full sun type plant. Not the sun we get here in Charleston. We dug it up and moved in several times before finding just the right spot (beneath an oak tree with dappled light).

What are some of your favorites?

👩‍💻 Until next time…


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