Planning Ahead: Best Taco I Ever Tasted!

Back when the weather was cold, we thought a pot roast, baked low and slow and filled with veggies – sounded divine. All the pot roasts were large (for 2 people). We don’t eat red meat often, so I devised a well thought out plan – this was an overwhelming success! Here’s my plan of action…

I started out by making the Classic Pot Roast recipe (DIVINE!) – since we didn’t want to eat red meat until it was gone (well, we would have loved to, but…) – I tried shredding the leftover, cooked and slightly cooled pot roast really good with 2 forks. Once cool, I split it up and placed it in two freezer bags and pressed it flat so it wouldn’t take up a lot of room in the freezer.

Fast forward a few months – digging through the freezer to see if a meal would magically pop out of it. *BINGO* – I saw the shredded pot roast with gravy. The first day we had open faced roast beef sandwiches. #heavenonaplate Another instance of looking through the freezer in hopes of finding a prepared meal and I came upon the second bag. #perfect What to make? Hmmm, how about beef tacos, unlike the fast food variety, something different but very good.

Jackpot! I emptied the freezer bag into a saucepan and heated it on low, stirring often and adding water when necessary (not too much) – you don’t want it to stick to the bottom of the pan, if you need to put the lid to the pan to keep in any juice, do so, I did at one point.

I chopped some radishes, fresh cilantro, and had some guac (or just avocado and lime). I heated a few tortillas (whatever kind you like – for this I used flour, they’re a bit stronger), added the beef, sprinkled with a good helping of radishes, cilantro and a big dap of guacamole. We only had one taco, and it was plenty.

Let me tell you… our eyes almost popped out. 👀 Absolutely delicious! Great served with the remainder of guacamole and chips or a small salad!

✍️ Until next time…


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