Meet Jack… Happy Halloween!

“Jack” by Barb Walker 10×10″ Oil

Well… HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Isn’t this a happy pumpkin painting? It reminds me of how we carved them growing up. My dad would take part of the cut out eyes, stick a toothpick in it and attach it to the head for ears. We always got a lot of comments. I do the same and it’s too funny how many people notice.

Another thing that I do is sprinkle the lid with cheap cinnamon. I put a lot of it, then I place a candle inside (tea light) and soon you can smell the cinnamon wafting through the air. If you use a candle vs. a battery-operated candle, just keep it out of reach of the young ones.

I know, I know, it’s Halloween already? Which also means it’s fall and getting close to the glorious time change 🙄 (at least here in SC)- Daylight Saving Time ends (next Saturday eve, Nov. 6). Heads up, you have a week to prepare yourself, hehe.

Curious who painted Jack? Look no further, Jack was painted by artist Barb Walker – she has such wonderful and happy paintings. Check out Barb’s paintings:


Instagram: @barbwalkerpaintings

🎃 Happy Halloween, here’s wishing you all treats and no tricks! 👻


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