Charleston, SC – What did you do this weekend?

What were you up to this weekend? It was a weird combination of warmish (but cool in the house), then a little humid – then turning crisp. #perfect I love crisp weather. I always look with wonder at the view that we pass by on our way to do the mundane tasks of everyday living. It’s not the destination, it’s the view along the way, right? But I did get some good cooking in…

Recipes to come! I made a wonderful Shrimp and Grits recipe – but I want to try a little something else before I make it final – so that will be appearing here shortly. Also, a friend sent me a recipe for some STUNNING cookies she made (4 ingredients!) – out of this world – we talked back and forth and she had a great idea of how to change them up a wee bit. I tried it and it worked like magic! That recipe is also coming soon – AND it’s dairy free (if you use the right chocolate chips), no butter – no flour… it’s like a little miracle! #justwaityoullsee (So thank you for the recipe ALMD!)

Charleston, SC is a stunning location with water pretty much everywhere. Water, marshes, boats, bridges – all very striking. Not a day goes by that I take it for granted. Just like when I lived in Michigan. The river view is so stunning, it’s stayed with me all these years later. #itllneverleave I do miss it!

Four ingredient cookie recipe coming on Wednesday, see you then!

👩‍💻 Until next time…

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