Tis the Season – December already!

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Looking for a good gift idea this year? It’s not easy finding the perfect gift. Sometimes you hit it just right (like the image above, we bought Charlie a new dog bed, he was thrilled, hopped in it and went right to sleep.) If you’re looking for a few gift ideas, take a peek at my list and let me know if you have any favorite gifts to give (or receive!) – It’s still hard to fathom that it’s already December!


The image above is Charlie’s Christmas gift (last year) – a Harry Barker dog bed, which he LOVES. He is a connoisseur of beds. He has several and as he gets older prefers one stacked on the other. #princessandthepea This bed is durable – and stays good looking. He likes it on top of his LLBean therapeutic-type (stiffer) bed.


I have some favorites that I cannot imagine living without! Click on the links below…

Therapen One – digital food thermometer (comes in many cool colors, I have orange so I can find it!) – It registers the food temp in a second (or less!) – I originally heard about this on America’s Test Kitchen.

Ozeri Pronto Digital Kitchen Food Scale comes in handy for so many reasons (including mailing a package!) – If you purchase it via Amazon, click on the different color options (there are many) and you’ll notice that they’re different prices. They range from $8-$15 (teal and lime green being the two cheapest) – I bought mine years ago for $9.99 because it was red. I wanted white. Does it matter? It sits in a cabinet. So I bought the red one (and special hint: I leave it in the foam support that it came in and just store it above my flour/sugar canisters in my cabinet.

  • For halving something that’s difficult to guess. Say you’re making bread (just an example) that makes 2 loaves. Instead of guessing, just get out two bowls, when you set them on the scale hit the TARE button until it shows the weight at zero, then start adding what you think is half. Take that bowl off and put the next on, do the same, tweak until they’re the same.
  • Certain ingredients in some recipes (flour especially) are more accurate when weighed (unless you real fluff them up and carefully spoon them into a measuring cup).

Di Oro Large Silicone Spatula (another America’s Test Kitchen find!) – I don’t know how I ever lived without this, I have two – a black one for everyday cooking and a red one for sweets/baked goods.


Ummm, that would be me, ha ha…

Sheepskin for ottoman, chairs, really for anywhere. It keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. We bought several of our from The Lost Kitchen, a cool restaurant in Maine – that is legendary (and you have to win a lottery to get a reservation!) – They have a wonderful online shop full of so many fabulous things – These sheepskin are among them. If you have a leather chair it can be a tad chilly in the winter, but not with a sheepskin! Same with a dining chair, ottoman or even to use as a rug by the side of the bed. #wakeuphappy

Furniture Sliders (any brand) – this is one example. About 100 years ago, my sister gave those to us for Christmas, she knew we liked to move furniture around a lot. Having hardwood floors, we usually double over a thick smaller rug under each leg and then push/drag/pull – we tried these and good grief! So much easier. Not expensive, but very thoughtful!

Pixo Plus Task Lamp by Pablo Designs – for someone who likes to read, having a good reading light is so important (especially in a room full of ambient lighting) – I have the previous version (without the wireless charging base, both my version and the newer version do have a charging port, which is so convenient.

Hit me up with some of your favorites to give or to receive!

👩‍💻 Until next time…

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