Our first attempt at a wreath…

Holiday decorations. It seems especially festive this year. Since the days are so short right now (crazy short!) by the time we have dinner and take our last lap around the block it seems like it’s always dark. There is a plus to the short days. The happy and bright Christmas lights! They spread holiday cheer like nothing else. #doesnteverybodyneedthatrightnow??

We’ve seen a lot of doors with wreaths as well. Each time we stop and check out a wreath (to buy) it seems like it’s on its last leg. Brown needles falling off, so I can’t imagine it would last long on the front door. One late afternoon we were walking our neighborhood and lo and behold, there were some beautiful Christmas tree branches, likely trimmed off of the bottom of a tree (thank you CW!), so we picked them up and brought them home.

I’ve never made a wreath before, but after a quick Google search I read about how to do it. It probably would have been better if we had thinner wire. Next time we will. Ours was a tad thick and a bit more difficult to work with, so it just took a little longer. We didn’t have fishing string either that was my next thought. I did find some raffia to tie the smaller pieces in. It’s a little rough in this image, but it’s a work in progress. As soon as I can get some thin wire, I’ll find some pine cones and maybe some red berries to tie to it. #lookingforanythingelse

I know it looks a little wild, but that’s the look I was hoping for. I much prefer a wild tree to a tree trimmed into shape within an inch of its life. (Where do people get those really wild, kind of sparse Christmas trees? I LOVE THOSE!) It took me as long to scrub the pine sap off my hands as it did to make the wreath, ha ha. Each time we open the door it smells AH-mazing! I can’t wait to make next year’s!

What are some of your favorite decorations to make?

🎄 Until next time…


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