211 Rose Wood Lane by Our Town Plans!

211 Rose Wood Lane by Our Town Plans

Exquisite. How nice to have a garage with living space above and storage below that looks more like a house (to me). Outbuildings with apartments seem to be all the rage right now. I think it’s incredibly handy if you have a lot of family or friends who come to visit. This gives them their own space (and gives you your space as well). It’s also a great space for kids coming and going from college, or other life escapades – they are close, but also have their own space. I think this plan has a wonderful look to it.

This is the 211 Rose Wood Lane house plan by Our Town Plans. This plan is 562 conditioned square feet (+ 623 unconditioned square feet, totaling 1,185 square feet). I love that this plan doesn’t look like a garage, it looks like a nice home. A space nice and private but close enough to visit. Perfect!

211 Rose Wood Lane by Our Town Plans

The main floor is storage, a garage and golf cart parking – Woot! Woot! The upstairs is a nice size loft area with a great closet, a few storage areas, mechanical room and a bathroom. You could add a kitchenette space with a sink, small fridge and coffeemaker and your guests would have everything they need during a visit.

I can envision a nice fire pit area or outdoor kitchen area – to combine the main house and guest house with nice areas for entertainment, visiting and visual beauty. Add in a small pool, nice landscaping and you’ll be on the cover of AD, hehe.

Check out the house plan via the “this plan” link below…

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All images via ourtownplans.com, used with permission…
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