Preserving Historic Trees

Charleston, South Carolina

Just look at this stunning display of tree canopy. The live oak trees in this area are astounding. Long ago (late 1920/30’s) a tree was planted in the front yard of each home. This area used to be a cabbage field. The architecture is varied, many homes with interesting cuts to their roofs, some slightly larger and some slightly smaller, but from the street they all seem to be somewhat close. Similar (not exact) in size and scale. The trees bring cohesiveness.

This (current) photo looks like something back in the day, doesn’t it? Preserving historic neighborhoods and trees, in Charleston, South Carolina and everywhere else in this country, is so important. The trees make this neighborhood stand out in a deep-rooted-history sense. They are magical and deserve every bit of love we can throw their way. When one tree passes along, I think it’s important to plant another – they grow faster than you think!

👩‍💻 Until next time…


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