Take A Virtual Vacation…

Every once in a while it feels good to get away, doesn’t it? Go somewhere fresh and different. Ideally a place high up on a mountain with the freshest air and water imaginable. A place so fabulous that it sticks in your mind until you’re fortunate enough to visit again. Sometimes a “virtual” vacation is just what you need – until you can get to the real thing at least!

After driving up the mountain – it’s so exciting to get to this point. This is the welcome center at The Swag (Waynesville, NC) – the cabin on the left is beyond gorgeous. A stunning fireplace going full steam, you’re welcomed with a hot towel and a cold drink. Where you sit down with the kindest person and make your menu selections for that evening’s dinner. Your photo is snapped and it’s kept in a book with everyone else. Jokingly, I call this a summer camp – (but wonderful any time, not just summer!) – a very nice camp – with activities with Resident Experts who share their knowledge of the area, the history, the nature, the trails, it’s fascinating. It is peaceful and it’s exactly what you need!

Read the history about the Swag – it’s wonderful. The Cataloochee Ranch will be opening this year – (great options for families!)

👩‍💻 Until next time…


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