Grand Live Oak | Not what you expect!

Magnificent, right? The power and strength this tree shows is amazing. The massive circumference is mind blowing. It looks like the Angel Oak, but it’s not – and it’s in a location you wouldn’t expect. Not at all. I’m so thankful when historic trees are preserved. Their importance is incredible. I cannot imagine how long this tree has stood proudly in this location. Oh, the stories it must have heard…

I was 30 minutes early for an eye doctor appointment. I didn’t want to go sit in a waiting room and the weather was beautiful, my eye caught this tree and all I could think about was snapping photos of it. This image probably captured the grandness of this tree the best. Changing it to black and white made it timeless.

I’m so thankful to always have my camera (iPhone) with me, hehe. Carrying around a separate camera like I used to do in the old days – or probably more accurately, my husband used to do in the old days, was hard enough – it always seemed like I didn’t have it when I needed it. I usually have my phone with me for fear of running across a beautiful setting and not being able to capture it.

Once in a while I’ll leave my phone at home and *BAM* there will be the most beautiful sunrise/sunset of your life.

Note: in case this looks familiar to you, but then again maybe not – I “deleted” cars in the parking lot and the picnic table – now it seems like you’re on a historic piece of property in the 1800’s, right?

Things aren’t always what they seem, but in this case, they’re darn close. This massive tree is 100% real – no editing.

👩‍💻 Until next time…


2 thoughts on “Grand Live Oak | Not what you expect!

  1. These live oaks are treasures. And they should be protected. You did such a wonderful job capturing this and editing it. You are right. Timeless photo, just as the trees are timeless life forms . I was saying to my husband yesterday., “Can you imagine if a hurricane came through?”
    We should all be so lucky to rest in the shade of these giants.

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    1. Thank you, E! These trees are miracles. What they’ve lived through is amazing and yet they still stand strong. A graceful presence that offers such a calmness… I’ve seen Live Oaks uprooted after a hurricane, it’s awful. Thankfully, it’s not common. Not like the pine trees that can snap like toothpicks. In the summer their shade can provide tremendous relief from the heat. They are loved! 😉


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